Sample writing. Hours of sleep


1. Total time spent awake soared or rocketed or jumped or increased just prior to 1970.

2. There was a sharp or dramatic or rapid rise or jump or increase or surge in the number of hours spent awake in the final two years of the 1960s.

3. The average number of waking hours per person (rose or increased or steadily) (slightly or gradually or increased) between 1980 and 1990.

4. It is predicted that the daily number of hours that each person spends awake will (continue or increase or significantly) to (increase or rise or steadily) in the future.


Sample sentence for pie chart

Writing_-_sources_of_beef_visual1. Australia’s share of the beef market in this country expanded substantially / significantly between 2012 and 2014.

2.The market share held by the US crashed completely.

3. Local beef producers’ share of the market grew/expanded/rose/went up/increased slightly during this time.

4. There was also a slight/minimal/marginal/small increase/rise in the amount of beef supplied to the market from other sources.


Sample answer


The percentages spent on communications, clothing and footwear, and restaurants and hotels are reasonably similar across the four countries

The citizens of Country 2 spent far more on food than any of the other three nationalities but much less on housing and utilities (water, gas and electricity) and recreation and culture. They also spend significantly less on transport. Country 3 households spend considerably more on alcohol than the others but only about half of what the other three nations spend on health. People in Country 1 spend the most on their housing and the furnishings and equipment that go with them. The residents of Country 4 spent more on transport, communication, recreation and culture, and other goods and services than the other countries. It is also interesting to note that of all four countries, people in Country 4 spent the least on Education, with 0.1% of household spending.