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Advices to reading skills


Flipboard is a useful tool you can use on your web browser or as a free Windows, Android or iOS app. You choose your interests and it then collects all the latest articles on those topics. You can flip through short extracts then click on the ones you want to read.

Reading tools

is a free reading tool which lets you click on any word in a website to get the definition. When you print out the page, all the words and definitions you clicked will be included as footnotes.

also makes every word in a website clickable, so you can check and record any new vocabulary without leaving the original page. It also translates into eleven languages and includes a range of games and activities to revise vocabulary.

You can copy and paste in any text, then adjust the speed it scrolls up the screen. You can use this to help you focus on skimming and scanning and also to work on your reading speed.